Zurich Offers Home Environmental Protection Insurance for Homeowners with a Residential Fuel Oil Tan

April 25, 2002

  • December 10, 2005 at 11:02 am
    Ed Sciegel says:
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    I find it hard to believe the article by Zurich about their home environmental plans. I have such a plan on my in the ground fuel oil tank. My policy comes up for renewal in Jan o6 and I received a registered letter from Zurich stating they will no longer be offering this coverage because of unsustainable losses in N.J.. Zurich notified me on Nov 7, 2005 and my insurance expires on Jan 21,2006. They have given me only a short time to procur other coverage which I am having a difficult time doing. They further state the N.J. Dept. of Banking and insurance has authorized their withdrawl from this insurance market. I would like to receive information on other carriers if possible.

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