NY Expands On-line Multi-state License Processing to Agents

The New York State Insurance Department announced that non-resident insurance agents can now obtain a license on-line through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), the national licensing system.

New York is one of 10 states participating in the national licensing system, which hopes to have 35 states fully participating by year-end. On-line licensing of agents expands the system for processing license applications which was made available to non-resident brokers last December.

“NIPR enables multi-state licensing with the filing of just one uniform application and provides for most effective and efficient licensing for all agents and brokers,” stated NY Insurance Superintendent Gregory V. Serio. “Now agents and brokers in any state in the country can submit one application and become licensed in multiple states. I am happy to declare that the realization of a national licensing system is within reach via the processing efficiencies of NIPR.”