N.Y. Senate Hears Testimony on No-fault Frauds

February 11, 2004

  • January 10, 2005 at 7:30 am
    Dr. Ron says:
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    I agree with Supervising Investigator Augie D’Aureli of the NYS Insurnace Frauds Bureau. No-Fault fraud is absolutely “provider driven”. If this infact is the general consensus of NYS fraud officials, then why are several venues of fraud prevention not being utilized by law enforcement officials. Fraud investiagtions need to be
    pro-active not re-active.

    As a health care provider involved in insurance fraud detection, I see it is not very difficult to defraud insurance companies. IF by chance you get caught the burden of proof is on the State, with many “medical excuses”…. then there is the lenient penalties and sentencings.

    As it stands now in 2005– No-Fault fraud is not a bad profession. Major breakthroughs can be initiated if officials would open thier minds and ears.

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