N.Y. Department to Hold Supplemental Public Hearing on Proposed Workers’ Comp Rate Hike

July 9, 2004

  • July 9, 2004 at 2:17 am
    murray says:
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    If an injured worker is classified with a permanent partial disability, are the WC benefits going to be capped after a period of time, or will they continue for the life of the employee? This question needs to be addressed along with any rate hikes. We have way to many able bodied people with mild/moderate disabilities who choose not to work or look for work, as they are able to live off of the “dole” of employers and people who are able to work. In essence some of these people are nothing but legitimized crooks steeling money from working people.

    Also NOTE- many employers find it dificult to continue doing business in NY due to the extreamly high workers’ compensation costs. However these costs are not tied just to the benefits that are paid, but also to the administrative law judges biased opinions and inability to understand what in the cousre of work means, or the fact that they alow able bodied people to collect money when they should be working. We have had way too many “judges” find non-occupational injuries compensable, and this needs to stop. As an employee in the workers compensation “business” I am tempted to start to log all of the decisions that I think are incorrect, write them up, and start sending them to the newspapers so that they can publish what really is happening with New York’s compensation system (as the “judges” have no accountability, and clearly seem to be appointed for polital favors).

    Also, will the Administrative Judges be required to take medical training classes to hear different opinions on what is an occupational disease (many of the States in the United States no longer recongnize Carpal Tunnel disease to be caused by typing). Many Judges are extreamly closed minded and fail to try and do their job of sorting out fact from fiction, as they have not been required to learn anything about medicine.

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