Agent, Senate Pres. Codey Next in Line for New Jersey’s Governorship Following McGreevey Resignation

The resignation of New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey over his admission of an extramarital affair with another man means that the next in line to the governorship is State Senate President Richard J. Codey, a Democrat from Essex County, and an independent insurance agency principal.

McGreevey said his resignation after two and one-half years in office would be effective on Nov. 15. Had he resigned immediately, a special election would be held under state law. But since he delayed his resignation, the Senate president and fellow Democrat Codey will take over and serve until 2006.

Unlike many other states, New Jersey does not have a lieutenant governor.

Codey, who is in his sixth term in the state Senate, is a licensed insurance broker and president of Olympic Agency in West Orange. The agency offers business insurance and employee benefits.

Following McGreevey’s announcement that he would resign, Codey expressed his sympathies for the governor and his family:

“My heart goes out to Jim McGreevey and his family during this difficult personal time. Jim McGreevey is a good person and a good friend and today’s events sadden me,” Codey said in a statement.
Codey said that McGreevey “has brought the residents of New Jersey through one of the most devastating fiscal crises our state has ever seen. When our state was in a financial black hole, Jim McGreevey showed the people of New Jersey the light.

“From his success in restructuring DYFS and preserving the Highlands, to his support for literacy and workforce development, to E-Z Pass and DMV reforms, to stem cell research, Governor McGreevey has always put the people of New Jersey first.”