Conn. Car Rental Firm Loses in Court Again

April 24, 2005

  • January 23, 2006 at 5:19 am
    Russell Lalor says:
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    I can understand the frustration and anger at these rental companies. I think its an \’acceptable\’ form of robbery.
    I\’m so annoyed that I\’ve been done as well. I got charged approx 100 dollars for a tank of fuel which I filled moments before leaving my rented car back at Venice Airport. I hear that this happens a lot in Italy. It spoiled my first trip to that country and I cannot believe I didn\’t ask for a receipt when I left the keys at the return desk. The woman asked me was the tank full and I said yes. When I asked \’is that it ?\’ she said yes and that was it. Russell Lalor

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