Delaware Commissioner Wants To Publicize Complaints Against Insurers

July 21, 2005

  • July 21, 2005 at 2:30 am
    Gary says:
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    Since he began, he has made protecting Delaware citizens a priority ? That’s part of your job description, I believe. Showing the number of compalints is of no use to anyone, consumer-wise, civil or other. What would be the point ? Read the complaints sometime. You’ll see that lots of them are worthless and have no true purpose or insurance subject.

  • July 26, 2005 at 1:09 am
    Roger Poe says:
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    “By allowing my office to keep track of the number and kind of complaints made against each company and found to be valid, we will make Delaware consumers more informed and more savvy when it comes to make insurance purchases.”

    “If you can get reports about the quality of new cars and appliances, you should be able to evaluate the quality of service provided by your prospective insurance company,”

    -Delaware Insurance Commissioner
    Matthew Denn 7-2005

    Insurers customer credit / credability checks verses consumers insurer service credability checks.

    Isn’t the marriage of human interest in how things work and data collection technology amazing. Especially when people have a vested ($$$) interested in who should really be supported, and who should be shunned.

    That same data is going to have some very interesting stories to tell. Could be some very interesting times ahead for some major insurers.

    It’s hoped that all insurers have been settling (homeowner, auto, health, life, casualty, etc.) loss claims in a fair and reasonable manner, and not just collecting premium dollars for self-serving reasons. Sadly, it’s widely known that some do not as a matter of pridefully arrogant business practice.

    Math is unbiased, and you can almost hear certain insurer’s think tanks trying to fiqure out what to do after the data comes out.

    Time will (soon) tell all.

    By the way, the Deny…Deny…Deny wrongdoing mantra and strategic mass market-advertising blitzes won’t work for certain insurers when one’s business conduct becomes public knowledge.

    It should be an interesting ride as one’s own mass advertising efforts remind consumers that some insurer “neighbors” are actually “good” slight-of-hand profit stream experts.

    Buckle Up!

  • July 27, 2005 at 2:44 am
    Joe Leonard says:
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    OK…so lets do the same thing for every serivec industry. That would include mortgage companies, realestate compaines, and any other service industry that I didn’t mention.

    The bottom line is Matt Denn doesn’t now anything about insurance. I know, I went to a debate between him and Dave Ennis, the republican candidate for insurance commissioner. Matt Denn was completely out classed By Dave Ennis. The only reason that Matt Denn is in office is because he’s a democrat.

    And now since he realizes that he doesn’t have a chance on delivering on his promise to stop the use of credit for rating insurance policies in Delaware he’s trying to come up with stupid stuff to make it look like he cares about the consumers of this state.

    Well let me tell ya, all he is doing is using his term as insurance comissioner to get one step closer to the Governors office.

    I’m not fooled Mr. Denn, and niether should the good, hard working people of the first state!

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