N.H. Vows to Target Motorcycle Safety as Accident Deaths Rise

January 6, 2006

  • March 9, 2006 at 9:01 am
    Vincent Farruggio says:
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    I have been riding for years but mostly touring bikes and I am concidering myself to take a refresher coarse due in part of the increasing number of vehicles on the road. However, I have found through experiance that your so called donor cycles
    (high performance)were not given this name only by chance. I also drive for a living and I can\’t count how many times I have seen them braking the law and in doing so creating mass confusion to the surrounding motorist. Just this morning I witnessed a state cop giving chase through the streets of manchester NH to one of these motorcycles. As of yet I don\’t know the outcome but, I can only imagine.
    New laws need to be written! I believe that any high performance vehicle that is being chased should be siezed by the state and forced to forfit ownership. The
    same punishment as if that vehicle was used for drugs. How many ways can we think of killing people.
    Safety is no accident!
    Good drivers don\’t confuse other drivers!

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