Insurers Oppose N.J. Bill Giving Chiropractors Equal Billing

February 24, 2006

  • February 26, 2006 at 8:22 am
    Concerned Citizen says:
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    This article is misleading because it talks about \”chiropractors recieving the same reimbursement as licenced physicians…\” What this article doesn\’t disclose is the fact that the reimbursement is for same or similar services. For example, a Doctor of Osteopathy will perform a spinal manipulation and be reimbursed at a higher rate than a Chiropractor for the same or similar service. Same procedure. Different pay.

    This article is trying to deceive the public by incenuating that chiropractors are looking to get paid for everything from treating gall stones to a liver transplant…this of course, is not true at all. Chiropractors want to be reimbursed equally for same or similar services, mainly spinal manipulation. This is what chiropractors do, all day, every day. D.O.\’s and M.D.\’s will occasionally provide this service yet have their hands more than full with other aspects of medicine, and it can be logically deduced that a chiropractor is more skilled at providing a spinal manipulation than a part-time D.O. or M.D.(that might have taken the weekend seminar…)

    Insurance will typically cover \”medically necessary\” services provided by a chiropractor- which is generally limited to musculoskeletal conditions. Things such as restricted range of motion, sciatica, etc. are all well within the realm of the chiropractor.

    What chiropractors want is to be paid equally for the same procedure code. After all, many insurers are categorizing chiropractors as \”specialists\” (presumably to get away with a higher copay and force a referral from a primary care MD) then they should be treated as such.

    I think that if you re-writ this article to say \”LICENCED chiropractors are seeking equal reimbursement as licenced phsicians for SAME OR SIMILAR SERVICES,\” much of the sensationalism evident in this article would be lost and the article would be more factual. Just more propaganda and twisting the facts for political gain.

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