Mass. High Court Upholds 2006 Home Insurance Hike for FAIR Plan

January 3, 2008

  • January 5, 2008 at 11:06 am
    Jane Logan says:
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    To MA State Rep Jeff Perry (R) of Sandwich, MA in response to his reponse to my comments on the Cape Cod Times article:

    I would like JUST ONE Cape Cod Legislator to explain how Chapter 436 of the Acts of 2004 (which removed the rate caps in Fair Plan Large Share Territories) became law.

    Since no one has be able or willing to answer my questions, here’s my theory on how it got by the Cape Delegation. At the time Ch 436/04 was in the works it didn’t look like it would effect coastal homeowners as most Fair Plan policies were written in the inner city. OUR LEGISLATORS WERE NOT PAYING ATTENTION and/or didn’t consider the potential impact for the Cape & Islands if we ever became a Large Share Territory.

    What you folks on Beacon Hill who represent us didn’t know (I hope) was that right after the Ch 436/04 passed the insurance industry would then non-renew 59,000 homeowners on the Cape & Islands, those policyholders would move to the Fair Plan and we would become a large share territory-subject to the price gouging allowed by law through the passing of Ch 436/04.

    Where were you, our Legislators, when this Bill was written and going through the PAINFULLY SLOW process a Bill takes before becoming law?! The homeowner insurance situation is a direct result of our Legislators not realizing the potential consequences of Ch 436/04 on coastal residents and therefore not taking action to change or oppose the Bill.

    As far as not signing the Challenge due to separation of powers, I’d settle for the Legislators I named just SHOWING UP at one of the rate hearings or one of the many meetings Citizens for Homeowner Insurance (CHIR) held on the Cape & Islands during the past year.

    As I told Susan Gifford at one of the hearings (she finally attended as an ineffective and silent member of the Special Commission on Homeowner Insurance) in my world if you care about something you show up.

    And I don’t remember seeing any of you I named at CHIR meetings or the rate hearings. There’s been a visible lack of presence by the Cape Delegation at meetings and in the press. Sorry Jeff, but where were you all when the Fair Plan pushed Chapter 436 of the Acts of 2004 through the system – the Bill should’ve been stopped, it wasn’t and we’re all paying the price for your inaction.

    If I’m wrong I’ll be the first one to admit it.

    I tried to get the transcripts of meetings on Chapter 436 of Acts of 2004 from the State House Library-it’s not easy esp. having to take time off from work to go into Boston to research the issue. The information should be available on a website. Since the information is stored in the bowels of the State House Library, if you can provide research and records to disprove my theory of how this Bill got passed you all and passed into law by all means go ahead.

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