After Brain Surgery Mistakes, R.I. Lawmakers Propose Tracking System

February 27, 2008

  • February 27, 2008 at 1:41 am
    Fred Grimley says:
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    This is just fascinating.

    Were the doctors suffering with dyslexia? Did they have a right-brain, left-brain thing going on?

    Are the two surviving practice heads known as Abby Normal 1 and 2?

    What does the good doctor ask you as you slip under the anesthesia – “Take a little off the top”?

    Are they playing head games, or games with heads?

    Can you imagine providing the doctor or the hospital with Med Pro E&O? What would you recommend, a One Lobe deductible? What limit would be enough for a doctor like this? Whatever the hospital could afford, that’s how much they should carry.

    Maybe they hope the patients die on the table so that the doctor can blame it on the anesthesiologist?

    Are doctors in RI operating in a mirror world? Calling Dr. Bizarro! Calling Dr. Bizarro!

    Maybe the good doctors should get in some more practice on heads – of lettuce. A little Brain Salad Surgery never hurt anyone.

    Could you imagine if the doctors were just frustrated Proctologists? “Nurse, WHAT END am I working on today?? Push a little harder; I can just see a little further through the colonoscopy up the right nasal farcture”.

    If I were a patient, I’d shave my head and put a BIG DARN X Marks The Spot on MY head.

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