Maine Commissioner Urges Residents to Consider Flood Insurance

Although portions of the state are still mired in more than a foot of snow, Maine’s insurance superintendent is urging residents to evaluate their need for flood insurance — especially with spring approaching and a typical 30-day waiting period before a new flood insurance policy takes effect.

“As shown by the devastating Patriot’s Day storm in April 2007 and the rising waters that ravaged Aroostook County last May, flooding continues to be one of the most costly natural disasters affecting Maine,” Superintendent Mila Kofman said in a release. “Although flooding can occur anytime, the melting of ice and snow in the spring poses a heightened threat. Now is the time for home and business owners to seriously consider the advantages of flood insurance.”

Kofman noted that nine of the 11 federal disaster declarations for Maine since 2000 involved spring flooding, and the damages impacted every county in Maine on multiple occasions.

Source: Maine Bureau of Insurance