U.S. Offers Rewards to Help Solve New Hampshire Arsons

December 8, 2009

  • December 8, 2009 at 2:33 am
    Rufus says:
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    Berlin, NH is an old, quaint,scenic little town tucked in the NW corner of the state. There’s been no new construction since 1778. Population is 9,956 people. How freaking hard is it to fine the piece of human garbage who’d been playing his stupid and potentially deadly game for 4 years? He’s intentionally set “dozens” of fires and there have been no witnesses or leads? Now the feds are joining the fray and offering a $5,000 reward? It should be a $25,000 BOUNTY, not a reward. I’ll bet the fires will mysteriously stop. Where’s the state fire marshall through all this nonsense? The state police? Citizen’s block watches? Vigilante groups? (where’s Paul Kersey when you need him?) How much time, effort, and money will be wasted on this moron?

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