Allstate to Refund $428K over Missed Discounts for Delaware Drivers

Allstate will be refund $428,355 to 2,445 Delaware policyholders who had not received discounts on their automobile insurance premiums to which they were lawfully entitled, the state’s insurance commissioner said.

All of the affected policyholders had successfully completed Department of Insurance-certified defensive driving courses. Delaware law provides that drivers who complete a certified course shall receive a 10 percent discount off the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and liability components of their automobile insurance premiums. Drivers who complete a refresher course within the statutory time frame receive a 15 percent discount off their premiums.

After several consumers complained to the state’s insurance department, Allstate completed an audit of its policies and sent letters to all of the affected policyholders informing them of the refund.


Source: Delaware Insurance Department