Massachusetts Falls Short Fighting Drunken Driving

The National Transportation Safety Board is faulting Massachusetts for not doing enough to combat what they call “hardcore” drunken drivers.

The NTSB said Massachusetts is among 10 states in the country that have adopted four or fewer of 11 drunken driving strategies recommended by the federal transportation agency.

The NTSB defines a hardcore drunken driver as a driver with either a prior arrest for drunken driving or who registers a blood alcohol content of .15 percent of greater, nearly twice the legal limit in Massachusetts.

In 2005, Massachusetts adopted “Melanie’s Law” which imposes new safeguards to keep repeat offenders off the road, including in-car breath tests.

Last year, 7,607 of the 10,839 people killed in alcohol related traffic accidents in the U.S. involved hardcore drunken drivers.