New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty in Car-Fire Fraud

A New Jersey man has pleaded guilty to torching is aunt’s car so she could collect insurance money — and pay him out of the proceeds for his role in the scheme, prosecutors said.

Kristopher Wynder, of Vineland, admitted that in 2008, he took his aunt’s 2002 Ford Explorer to a remote section of the city and set fire to the vehicle. His aunt, Cheryl Wynder, had agreed to pay her nephew $500 out of the insurance proceeds.

Cheryl Wynder previously pleaded guilty to insurance fraud charges stemming from the investigation, and has agreed to pay nearly $14,000 in total fines and restitution.

Kristopher Wynder has also pleaded guilty to arson and will be sentenced in April. Fraud prosecutors will recommend he receive five years in state prison.