Boston-based CDS Business Mapping Adds Straight Line Wind Report

CDS Business Mapping, a Boston-based online hazard mapping service provider, added a new straight line wind report to its service.

Straight line winds are also known as thundergusts or hurricanes of the prairie. They are produced by the downward momentum in the downdraft region of thunderstorms. These events have been known to produce winds that reach 100 mph or more and can cause damage equivalent to a tornado.

The new report gauges the potential for damage to any location in the continental U.S. and is based on National Climatic Data Center data.

Users can get the frequency of straight line wind events, percentile score which compares the address entered to the rest of the U.S., average number of straight line wind events for an area and a straight line wind risk score.

RiskMeter Online utilizes Internet mapping technology to enable underwriters to determine the proximity to natural hazards for any property in the Unites States.

It provides over 30 real-time reports including distance to coast, FEMA flood zones, rating territories, windpool eligibility, RMS data & analytics, individual AAL & PML reports and earthquake information.