AIR Worldwide Survey Team Describes Sandy Losses in N.J., N.Y.

November 21, 2012

  • December 1, 2012 at 11:19 am
    pelle lindbergh says:
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    Thank you for this article “AIR Worldwide Survey Team Describes Sandy Losses in N.J., N.Y.”

    Steep increases in the price of flood insurance in areas of NY, Long Island, and NJ are to be expected. I’m keeping in mind here that you’re the insurance experts and I’m not. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that areas around NYC less than 10 feet above sea level will need new and/or improved flood walls as well as heavy investment in improvements in the power grid that supply these areas. And — to recognize the need to do it all before the next “Sandy” hits.

    Obviously, what Congress can do to provide funding for improvements in flood and storm surge protection for these areas means enacting legislation. And the more ear-marked funding of any new legislation will be toward these ends the better.

    Similarly — one can only wonder whether or not the states of NY, NJ, and Connecticut recognize just how clarion Sandy and the ensuing ‘Noreaster’ was and just how much it requires the issuance and funding of state industrial revenue bonds to subsidize any new federal funding toward these goals.

    Because there’s nothing like a general election to get law makers to “take their eye off the ball.”

    None of the above-mentioned goals will be realized by a Disney mouse sporting a wizard’s hat lobbying Congress and the states to do the right thing. Rather, it will take a proactive — rather than a merely reactive — public to support any activity that will eventually protect low-lying areas more effectively if that activity is to gather momentum.

    If y’all want to thump the tub to help lead the charge there are plenty of us out here who’d appreciate your help.

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