Sandy Flood Insurance Issues Said to Be Focus of Criminal Probe

By | January 25, 2015

  • January 28, 2015 at 10:59 am
    Jeremy Snyder says:
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    “U.S. Magistrate Judge Gary R. Brown said in his November ruling he found signs of “unprincipled practices” in the handling of engineering reports for a Long Beach, New York, homeowner. He said he feared the practice was “widespread.””

    Widespread is an understatement, this is a national problem with insurance companies all over the country. This is criminal RICO territory!

    One of the offenses that qualify a criminal under the RICO act is fraud. “Fraud is a deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain” Everyday insurance companies use “deception”
    deliberately, calculated, structured, and on a massive scale” in order to secure unlawful gain? They gain when they do not properly pay a claim.

    RICO is the only way we can stop Insurance Companies from hiding behind their orders and “their paid for, in their favor opinions of structural engineers” and passing the buck down the line.

    Here are 11 questions every insured should ask an engineer when they are sent to the property to give an opinion that the insurer plans to use to deny the claim.

    #1- Have you read the insured insurance policy?
    #2- Do you know what the definition of “Damage” is as defined in the policy?
    #3- Did the insurer give you any “Criteria” to look for when defining damage as would or would not be covered under the policy?
    #4- What is your definition of damage?
    #5- Who taught you how to define damage? (((The engineer will answer “HAAG” or experience.)))
    #6- Is HAAG’s definition or your experience definition of damage the same definition of damage that is in the insurance policy?
    #7- Out of ten claims that the insurer sends you on, how many would you say you find damage on?
    #8- Do you realize the insurers are intentionally not providing you with criteria and they are using your opinion as a way to steal money from their insured?
    #9- Do you realize that by taking the insureds money to give an opinion not based on the policy and knowing they are using that opinion to deny claims and steal from their insured, you to are committing fraud and stealing from the insured?
    #10- How is your opinion of whether or not damage exists relevant in anyway to this claim if a) You haven’t read the policy, b) You are not defining damage as it is defined in the policy, c) Your opinion or the opinion of HAAG is not relevant to the policy in anyway d) You are being paid by an insurance company who is using your opinion as a reason to deny a valid claim in which your opinion is not based on the criteria of the claim. e) The more claims that you help the insurer fraudulently deny, the more claims they give you, and the more money your company makes.
    #11- DO YOU REALIZE YOU ARE A CRIMINAL????????????

    Jeremy Snyder
    National Claim Managers Inc.
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