Connecticut Insurance Department Launches Licensing Site

The Connecticut Insurance Department has launched a new licensing web site, designed to improve customer service for the nearly 200,000 agents, brokers, adjusters and other licensees who conduct business with the department.

The new licensing site features online tools that allow licensees to apply, renew, update and print a license, find continuing education classes and get all the latest news from the department’s Licensing Division.

“We are pleased to provide this latest enhancement for the tens of thousands of industry professionals who interact with the department on a daily basis,” said Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Katharine L. Wade in a press release. “We continue to strive for more regulatory efficiencies so that doing business with the state of Connecticut is more user-friendly. This new licensing site is another example of how we are accomplishing that.”

Other recent regulatory enhancements at the department include:

The mission of the Connecticut Insurance Department is to protect consumers through regulation of the industry, outreach, education and advocacy. The department recovers an average of $4 million yearly on behalf of consumers and regulates the industry by ensuring carriers adhere to state insurance laws and regulations and are financially solvent to pay claims. The department’s annual budget is funded through assessments from the insurance industry. Each year, the department returns an average of $100 million a year to the state General Fund in license fees, premium taxes, fines and other revenue sources to support various state programs.

Source: Connecticut Insurance Department