Gas Company Hit Over Response to Massachusetts Explosions; New Leak Found

By Ryan Collins, , and | September 17, 2018

  • September 17, 2018 at 9:53 am
    Anonymous4357 says:
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    BUT who will actually pay for this? When Joe Hamrock was asked, he replied, “we don’t know.” I’d keep a close eye on your rates, and expect them to go up and even though your house may have blown up, be prepared to foot that bill as well. Natural Gas is a volatile and dangerous substance and most of the NiSource footprint infrastructure is old and corroding and falling apart due to a lack of proper maintenance and upgrades. Something similar happened in Greencastle, PA earlier this year where they overpressurized their line and blew something like 7 miles, but they hid that from the media to protect their stocks and salaries. It’s a corporation first, not safety first. The heads don’t care about their laborers and the only good that customers are to them is the almighty dollar they pay. They were also allotted tax relief dollars, but still found the need to lay off a bunch of workers as they “restructure” because they overspent. The people that they could have on location to monitor these situations, they moved to their almighty headquarters in Columbus, Ohio or they let them go because of the restructure. The person monitoring the pressures was in Columbus, not anywhere near Massachusetts because the company can’t seem to hire managers that can supervise across state boundaries. This could have been avoided fully. Don’t be fooled. Protect yourselves and stand up for the right to have a safe and clean heating source in America. Don’t let them bully or push you around, your lives and homes are worth more than their pockets being lined. Demand more from them, and demand them to pay for this mess in FULL. Look up Joe Hamrock’s salary and bonus just to get an idea. ( I guarantee you he will still receive his spring bonus next year despite this tragedy. Money does trump in this case.

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