Federal, State Prosecutors Form Delaware COVID-19 Anti-Fraud Coalition

United States Attorney David C. Weiss and Delaware Attorney General Kathleen Jennings have announced the formation of a new Coronavirus (COVID-19) Anti-Fraud Coalition, aimed at better protecting the citizens of Delaware from criminal and civil fraud arising from the pandemic.

The Coalition is comprised of local, state and federal agencies, investigators and prosecutors with experience in handling complaints and cases related to consumer fraud, financial fraud, heath care fraud and cybercrime.

Together, the coalition will share information and resources to monitor, identify and investigate misconduct.

“This pandemic is ripe for exploitation by scammers,” Jennings said in a press release issued by her office. “The Delaware Department of Justice and its Fraud Division works each day to educate consumers, prevent fraud, and bring scammers to justice—but our work will never be done as long as consumers continue to be preyed upon by those who profit shamelessly off of their fears and anxiety.”

Participating agencies will take information, tips and complaints from the public as well as other local law enforcement agencies seeking the coalition’s assistance.

“Our collaboration with the U.S. Attorney’s Office is the latest chapter in a longstanding record of partnership, and in this public health and economic crisis it has never been more important for everyone at the federal, state, and local level to collaborate on the people’s behalf,” Jennings continued in the release.

Common scams and frauds include:

“Sadly, criminals look to take advantage of people, regardless of the circumstances,” Weiss said in the release. “But the people of Delaware can rest assured that we will be relentless in bringing to justice those seeking to illegally profit from this crisis.”

Source: Delaware Attorney General’s Office