FCCI Insurance Group to Begin Writing Commercial Insurance in Pennsylvania

Sarasota, Florida-based property and casualty insurer FCCI Insurance Group (FCCI) is expanding its geographic reach, announcing it will begin writing commercial insurance in the state of Pennsylvania as of September 1, 2020.

The Pennsylvania operations will be coordinated through FCCI’s Mid-Atlantic region, which is headquartered in Richmond, Va., and also operates in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Sales and marketing efforts in Pennsylvania will be led by senior business development specialist Scott Hillegas and supported by a group of insurance professionals under the direction of Courtney Hart, who is senior vice president for the Mid-Atlantic region and a resident of Pennsylvania. Hart brings 37 years of experience in the insurance industry to the market.

FCCI has been providing commercial and contract surety in Pennsylvania since January 1, 2015. Once FCCI begins writing commercial insurance in Pennsylvania, it will bring the total number of states in which it operates to 20 and Washington, D.C. FCCI began accepting new business submissions from its appointed agents on June 15.

In addition to commercial insurance and contract surety, FCCI offers risk control services, medical management and claim handling. It operates in industries including manufacturing, real estate, construction, distributors, retail and wholesale.

Source: FCCI Insurance Group