Vermont Unemployment Insurance Decrease Aims to Help During COVID

Vermont businesses are going to be getting a break on the costs of their unemployment insurance, and people collecting unemployment benefits will be getting more money, Governor Phil Scott said Tuesday.

Starting July 1, the Vermont Department of Labor will change its rate structure, reducing individual employers’ rates.

In the first full week of July, the maximum benefit for people collecting unemployment will increase from $513 to $531.

The tax relief will help reduce the burden on employers who have had to make difficult decisions to protect the health and safety of workers while limiting the spread of COVID-19 in Vermont, the Republican governor said in a statement.

“We know Vermonters made a tremendous economic sacrifice in order to respond to this virus, and we will continue to pull every lever we can to help workers and employers recover from this pandemic,” Scott said.

Labor Commissioner Michael Harrington said the lower rates were based on 2019 information and do not include the effects COVID-19 has had on the economy.

“Unfortunately, we will feel the impacts of COVID in the subsequent year and for years to come,” Harrington said.