ING Moving Closer to Global Brand Name

Holland’s ING Group announced that it’s continuing to make progress in bringing together its far flung banking, financial services and insurance interests under the ING brand name. The next step calls for all of its wholesale businesses to adopt the name during the course of 2002.

ING has been restructuring its various business units and integrating them to function more efficiently. That step as been largely completed and the company announced that “the next logical step is for the wholesale business to operate under the single ING brand name and ING lion logo. From the end of 2002, ING will become the dominant brand used by the wholesale business on an international basis — although some labels, in a few European countries, will retain their existing brand for a longer period.”

“The move follows similar changes by many of ING’s other business lines including retail banking, insurance and asset management in regions such as the Americas, Australia and much of Central and Eastern Europe,” the announcement continued.

ING Group chairman Ewald Kist stated that, “This is an important further step towards establishing one global brand and helps bring another important part of the Group together under the ING label, with one corporate culture. The switch by the wholesale business to the ING brand will enable existing and potential clients around the world to more clearly see the full depth of ING’s integrated financial services offering.”