Lloyd’s Appoints Battmann Representative in Spain

As part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen its presence in the European insurance market, Lloyd’s announced that it has appointed David Battman as a full-time representative, as part of its strategy to expand in the Spanish market.

Speaking at a seminar attended by 250 Spanish and London insurance professionals to mark the expansion, Lloyd’s Chairman Lord Levene stated: “Full-time representation in Spain is further evidence of Lloyd’s commitment to the Spanish insurance market, and part of our strategy for building Lloyd’s presence in Europe. Economically, Spain is one of the best and most consistent performers in the European Union, and its insurance needs are growing fast as a result [citation]. Increasingly, Spanish companies are operating around the world and require solutions for the new risks they encounter.”

The bulletin noted that Lloyd’s business in Spain increased 63 percent between 2001 to 2003. It exceeded 100 million euros ($118.5 million) in 2002, and reached 157 million euros ($186 million) in 2003.

Speaking about Lloyd’s unique role in Spain, Lord Levene, commented: “Lloyd’s is a niche insurer focused on specialty products including reinsurance, niche or complex liability products, large property risks, and other commercial insurance. Here in Spain, we rarely find ourselves competing with local risk carriers. Instead we prefer to fill in the gaps which local companies are unable or unwilling to fill.”

Describing its Spanish operations, Lloyd’s noted that in January, it had opened a new Spanish subsidiary, Lloyd’s España, and appointed Battman as Consejero Delegado (Managing Director). He was formerly Lloyd’s Representative in Singapore & Managing Director of Lloyd’s Asia. Battman “will head up work to promote and defend Lloyd’s interests in Spain and the rest of Iberia” said the bulletin. “Pablo Wesolowski, Managing partner of Davies Arnold Cooper in Spain, and who was previously Lloyd’s Representative in Spain continues to actively advise and assist Lloyd’s in his new capacity as non-executive Chairman of Lloyd’s España.”