ri3k in Agreement with Verio for Hosting Services

ri3k, the global reinsurance infrastructure, announced that it has contracted with Verio, the world’s leading hosting company, to provide hosting services in Europe.

“ri3k already has an enterprise strength hosted solution with NCS (National Computer Systems Pte Ltd.) in Singapore. This new deal creates a dual continent, secure hosted service for ri3k’s customers with full data replication and disaster recovery on separate sites,” said the bulletin.

“We have created a private network with masses of bandwidth, between two world class hosting centres,” commented ri3k CEO Alex Letts. “This will entirely remove our dependency on random and, at times, extremely slow public Internet routing. Users will notice a huge difference in their response times from the system.”

He also noted: “As the industry becomes increasingly reliant on the electronic reinsurance infrastructure, we felt that maintaining customers’ data on replica systems on two separate continents was the only responsible way forward.”