Arch Re Appoints Papadopoulo Chief Underwriting Officer; Peckett General Counsel

Bermuda-based Arch Reinsurance Ltd., a subsidiary of Arch Capital Group Ltd., announced that Nicolas Papadopoulo has been appointed as chief underwriting officer and that Tim Peckett has been appointed as general counsel.

Papadopoulo joined Arch Re in December 2001 as a senior property underwriter responsible for all of the company’s property reinsurance underwriting. Before joining Arch Re, he was chief underwriting officer of Sorema North America reinsurance, a U.S. subsidiary of France’s Groupama.

Peckett, who is Bermudian, takes up the post of general counsel at Arch Re after returning to Bermuda from London where he was general counsel of Spectrum Syndicate Management and the Crowe Insurance Group, which is now in run-off.