R&M Issues Study on Strategies, Motives and Methods Practiced Major Reinsurers

Dublin based Research and Markets announced the addition of “Rational Reinsurance Buying” to their offering of research reports.

The new publication covers “the perspectives of leading insurance practitioners to provide a variety of new insights into the behaviour and rationale behind organised insurance buying and risk assessment,” said the announcement. It “presents the strategies, motives and methods practiced by the major players and suggests why corporate behaviour and internal culture may have an influence on insurance purchasing.”

The book examines the following reinsurance buying characteristics: It
— Examines the global behavioural aspects of reinsurance and breaks down buying patterns by organisational type and preferred strategy
— Provides inside knowledge to assist insurers in assessing their own reinsurance buying policies and to utilise the most appropriate and effective modeling techniques for specific needs
— Expert contributions from insurance, reinsurance, brokers and modeling agencies
— Includes sections: on alternative strategies: risk assessment; and the role of capital as well as a study of how transactions are now being made and efforts to create more sustainable relationships in the industry

For more information visit consult the company’s Web site at: http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c7402.