Milliman Notes Internet Seminar on Medical Underwriting Guidelines

Milliman announced that on Aug. 30, it will offer a free Internet seminar titled “International Medical Underwriting Guidelines”.

This presentation is an introduction to the upcoming release of the Brazil Medical Underwriting Guidelines and the Mexico Medical Underwriting Guidelines. The seminar offers information about the
value of health underwriting guidelines in general and specifically in Mexico and Brazil for insurers and reinsurers writing business in Mexico and Brazil.

“Underwriting guidelines in the U.S. have proven to be useful in helping
customers improve competitiveness and the balance of healthy and unhealthy lives in their small group and individual business. With health insurers in Mexico and Brazil facing similar pricing and competitive challenges, these country specific guidelines can provide the same support for those industries,” according to international underwriting expert Aree Bly.

Discussion topics will include:

* Value of evidence-based medical underwriting;
* Improvements upon current international medical underwriting techniques;
* Mexico Medical Underwriting Guidelines;
* Brazil Medical Underwriting Guidelines.

The seminar will feature a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation using a
web-based platform. The seminar will last 60 minutes, including 10 minutes for a question and answer session.

For further information and to register for the seminar, contact Aree Bly at 303-299-9400 or through e-mail at