Lloyd’s Solidifies Global Commercial Specialist Presence

In a recently issued bulletin Lloyd’s said it has “reaffirmed its position as the world’s leading specialist insurer with new figures that reveal the global spread of its business in 2005.”

According to newly published figures, Lloyd’s notes that in 2005 its syndicates, “insured 89 of the FTSE 100 companies and 56 of the 65 businesses that comprise the Dow Jones index. Of the Fortune 500 top global companies, Lloyd’s provided cover for 330, or 66 percent, including all of the Fortune 500 businesses based in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Belgium and the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg and Norway. It also increased its representation among the Fortune 500 companies based in Germany and Italy.”

Calculated on an industry wide basis, Lloyd’s said its “exposure to computer services and software businesses within the Fortune 500 grew, from insuring 75 percent in 2004 to 100 percent in 2005.”

Lloyd’s also said it has “increased its presence amongst Fortune 500 airlines, commercial and savings banks, energy businesses, and mining and crude oil producers in 2005.”

Julian James, director of worldwide markets, commented: “These figures clearly show that many top global businesses continue to value the ability of the market to provide innovative specialist solutions.”