Lloyd’s and Markel’s Italian Road Show

Lloyd’s and Markel International have joined forces to tell Italian businesses what the London market can offer.

A bulletin on the Lloyd’s Website (www.lloyds.com) notes: “A road show was held in Rome and Milan to introduce Italian producers to the opportunities that lie in the Lloyd’s franchise and at Markel, which runs a syndicate in the market. It attracted over 150 Italian producers, with nine large London market brokers exhibiting.Participants had a chance to speak to Markel’s directors about how the market operates and learn the details of new insurance products.”

“Lloyd’s offers a unique vehicle for underwriting risk worldwide,” observed Enrico Bertagna, the Lloyd’s representative in Italy. “Markel’s plans in Italy show just how valuable this franchise can be.”

Gerry Albanese, president and COO of Markel International, added: “Our experience in Italy has confirmed to us that the Lloyd’s franchise is extensively well regarded. Our Italian portfolio represents a very valuable and significant part of our book, and we wish to build upon the success that we have enjoyed to date by supporting our London brokers efforts in creating new business opportunities from Italian producers.”