XL Celebrates 20th Anniversary with ‘Global Day of Giving’

Bermuda’s XL Capital Ltd. is commemorating its 20th anniversary with a “Global Day of Giving — a day dedicated to supporting the communities in which XL operates.”

The global volunteer event, currently taking place, “will see XL employees donating over 20,000 hours of service in more than 20 locations worldwide,” said the announcement. “Most of the Company’s staff will spend the business day working on a variety of charitable projects and activities. While education is the primary focus of XL’s global Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) program, the Global Day of Giving projects have largely been driven by employee ideas and an assessment of needs in each location.”

XL President and CEO Brian M. O’Hara commented: “The Global Day of Giving fits with our overall CSR program, in which we aim to support initiatives and programs within the communities that we operate, increase our support for employee volunteerism and raise awareness of social issues. It also reflects XL’s core values — respect, ethics, excellence, development and teamwork.”

XL’s initiative is truly global. As detailed on the Company’s Website (www.xlcapital.com) in Argentina, Canada, Columbia, India, New York, and Pennsylvania, as well as projects in London and Zurich.