Marsh Opens China Advisory Unit

Marsh’s London office reports that the insurance broker has launched a London-based division of its China Global Client Services practice.

The new division, headed by Robert Wendin, will provide “comprehensive risk advisory and insurance services to clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) looking at setting up or expanding operations in the Greater China region,” said the announcement.

It will also operate in reverse, advising Chinese clients that are increasingly expanding their operations into the EMEA region.

Wendin noted that “Companies looking to expand into China are faced with a bewildering array of risks, from regulatory to intellectual property to corporate liability. The risk landscape in the Greater China region is vastly different to the one in which most companies here are used to operating.”

As investments and interest in China increase, more and more companies are seeking “professional risk advisory and insurance services,” he continued. “They want and need local access to expertise that is also on the ground throughout the Greater China region. Demand for this kind of advice is growing rapidly and Marsh has the local capability and expertise to meet this strengthening demand.”

Addressing the reverse feature of his situation, Wendin indicated that “Chinese companies are increasingly making investments and acquisitions outside their domestic market,” particularly in Europe. In this area they are seeking advice concerning “a range of domestic corporate environments” and the regulatory requirements of the European Union.

He added that the “Middle East and Africa, where Chinese companies are often ground-breaking investors, can often present an even more complex risk landscape. With extensive experience throughout the region, Marsh is well-placed to offer the comprehensive advice these companies require.”

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