Zurich Offers Political Risk Insurance for Carbon Credit Projects

Zurich’s North American division announced that it is providing political risk insurance (PRI) for carbon credit projects, as part of its expanding coverage of political risk and trade credit insurance in emerging markets.

“This is the first time Zurich has offered coverage for these types of ‘green’ projects in emerging markets,” said the announcement. Zurich added that the initative reflects “the Group’s recently launched global climate initiative focusing on the myriad of risks associated with climate change” (See IJ web site – https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/international/2008/01/22/86581.htm).

Zurich’s offering is designed to fit under provisions of the Kyoto Protocol, which set targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions linked to global warming. Certain types of projects are eligible for carbon credits based on the level of greenhouse gases reduced.

“The carbon credit market – currently estimated to be $60 billion – has doubled during the last two years,” Zurich explained. “The protocol provides the means to monetize the environmental benefits of reducing GHGs and sell the emissions credits. Zurich’s policy helps to protect against risk of host government actions that might prevent an investor from receiving benefits associated with emission credits generated.”

Daniel Riordan, executive vice president and managing director for Zurich’s emerging markets unit, said the Company’s “involvement with carbon credit projects highlights the role of political risk coverage in helping make these projects more attractive to investors who are concerned about political risk and market volatility. As financial incentives for carbon projects become more common in the advent of emissions trading, we anticipate seeing more investments in emerging markets.”

Source: Zurich North America – www.zurichna.com