Industry Apprenticeships are Growing Says UK’s Chartered Insurance Institute

“A growing number of insurance companies, including R&SA, Equity, JCB Insurance Services and Direct Line, have enrolled staff in Apprenticeship programs, taking advantage of the financial benefits of Apprenticeships that allow them to maximize their training budgets,” said the UK’s Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

The CII pointed out that the insurance industry is now playing a significant role in promoting and advancing Apprenticeships within the sector. Its Director, Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Scott, has long been a strong advocate of providing more educational opportunities to assure that the industry has adequately trained future leaders.
“As another successful series of The Apprentice [the TV show] finishes, the story has only just begun for Apprentices working in the financial services sector, with major employers now reaching out beyond their existing pool of talent,” explained Caspar Bartington, Relationship Manager – Further and Higher Education at the Chartered Insurance Institute.

The industry Apprentices, “also see the job on offer, together with the high-quality training and support that comes with it, as giving them the keys to further their career development – it’s really no surprise that so many people around the country are waking up to Apprenticeships,” he added.

“At JCB Insurance Services, ten members of staff have successfully completed the Certificate in Insurance as part of the Apprenticeship during the last 12 months,” the CII noted. JCB’s Commercial Director Tracey Thompson endorsed the program, indicating: “They have added value to our business as well as our employees, and JCB Insurance Services will continue to support the scheme as an important part of each individuals’ training and development and a recognized insurance industry qualification.”

Source: Chartered Insurance Institute –