Willis Re Director Named to UK’s National Environment Research Council

Willis Re, the reinsurance arm of global broker Willis Group Holdings announced that Rowan Douglas, managing director of analytics for Willis Re’s International and Specialty divisions, has been appointed to the National Environment Research Council (NERC) by UK Science Minister Ian Pearson. His appointment “underscores the growing trend of the business and scientific communities working more closely together on the issue of global climate change,” said Willis.

The UK’s NERC has an annual budget of around £400 million ($705 million) and is the largest funder of world-class environmental science research in UK universities and its own research centers. Its strategic goal is to deliver world-leading environmental research at the frontiers of knowledge, enabling society to respond to global climate change and the increasing pressures on natural resources. It contributes to UK leadership in predicting the regional and local impacts of environmental change, and creates and supports integrated research communities.

Willis noted that Douglas “leads the international analytical group at Willis, which evaluates the frequency, severity and impact of natural disasters and develops private and public sector approaches to share the costs of extreme events across populations. He is also Chairman of the Willis Research Network, the world’s largest collaboration between academia and the insurance industry, sponsoring posts in atmospheric, hydrological and seismic risk at universities throughout Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.”

Ed Wallis, Chairman of NERC, commented that “Douglas’ years of dealing with knowledge exchange and the financial services industry, along with the other new members, brings a range of diverse skills and expertise that will help us to deliver our strategic goals.”

Douglas added: “Science and the City are two of the UK’s leading strengths and it is a privilege to be appointed to NERC to help advance the working relationship between the two communities. Environmental and financial systems are intricately interconnected with natural catastrophes and environmental change. In the context of the growing social and economic challenges in living with environmental change, we should align the work of these two communities wherever appropriate. I look forward to bringing knowledge and experience gained from the insurance industry to the Council.”

Source: Willis Group Holdings – www.willis.com