Zurich Launches New Brand Campaign – Zurich HelpPoint Worldwide

Zurich Financial Services Group announced the launch of its new global brand campaign – Zurich HelpPoint worldwide. The bulletin said the new initiative is the result of “extensive research to even better understand insurance customers’ wants and needs. The campaign focuses on tangible examples of how Zurich delivers what matters to customers, consistently and reliably.”

Zurich said the campaign is more than just advertising as it is “Zurich’s largest global launch in terms of scale, depth and breadth of the approach taken with customers, agents, brokers as well as with employees. The campaign is designed to articulate Zurich’s commitments to delivering what is promised and to treating customers as individuals, not as policy numbers. The campaign can be seen across the globe.

At the heart of the new campaign is Zurich HelpPoint; a service concept that will symbolize to customers that Zurich ‘delivers when it matters.’ This promise will be demonstrated through guidance, service or solutions, with concrete and clear proof points of this commitment.”

CEO James J. Schiro commented: “We started this campaign by talking to our customers across business lines and across geographies, and they made it clear to us that when it comes down to delivering on their needs – whether it’s giving insightful advice, handling claims with ease or fair and respectful treatment – we as an industry have simply been falling short.”

“Customers are looking for validation that they have made the right choices,” he continued. “At Zurich, we believe there is a real opportunity for us to take the global capabilities we have developed and focus them on customers’ needs. In the end, though, we hope our campaign will begin to spur a deeper reflection on fundamental business practices, and raise the awareness of customer needs across the entire insurance industry.”

Zurich listed “four pillars” as the foundation of its new approach and commitment to customers, as follows:
1. Insightful guidance and global perspective
2. Deep customer understanding
3. Customer ethos focusing on customer’s personal needs
4. Fast, fair and responsive delivery

“The four pillars are already influencing the company’s entire infrastructure,” Zurich said.

Arun Sinha, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, added: “A cultural shift means that we have to develop tools and methods that can help each and every one of us at Zurich change the way we think about the customer in everything we do each day. Our success will not depend so much on the creative execution of this advertising campaign, but on how we live up to our service promise. Changing a frame of mind is not easy, nor does it happen overnight, but already we are seeing positive results.”

Source: Zurich – www.zurich.com