Willis Joins Catlin as Deputy Chief Investment Officer

The Bermuda-based Catlin Group Limited announced that Patrick Wills will join Catlin, effective May 5, as Deputy Chief Investment Officer, based in the group’s London office.

Wills will work alongside Nylesh Shah, who also holds the title of Deputy Chief Investment Officer, responsible for managing cash and investments of nearly US$7 billion.

Catlin further expalined that it is “currently in the process of recruiting a Chief Investment Officer as Preben Prebensen, who had held that position since 2007, resigned in February to become Chief Executive Officer of Close Brothers Bank plc in London.”

Nylesh Shah and Patrick Wills will report to Chief Executive Stephen Catlin in the interim.

Wills “will be joining Catlin from Montier Partners LLP in London, a firm that provides advice relating to hedge fund portfolios,” said the bulletin. “As a Partner at Montier his responsibilities included portfolio construction, risk management and hedging. Previously he held a variety of senior positions at Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Bear Stearns International and BNP Paribas. Before beginning his investment career, he worked at Catlin from 1987-88 as an underwriting assistant.”

Stephen Catlin welcomed “Paddy Wills on his return to Catlin.” He added that the “events of 2008 have underscored the importance of investment management to insurers and reinsurers. Paddy has wide experience with some of the world s major financial institutions, and the combined talents of Nylesh and Paddy will provide Catlin with a strong and multi-skilled investment management team.”

Wills acknowledged that he was equally pleased to be “rejoining Catlin, albeit in a much different role than the one I left 20 years ago. Catlin has grown spectacularly during the past two decades, and I am looking forward to working at such a well-respected company.”

Source: Catlin group – www.catlin.com