Lockton Expands Risk Management Services with Germany’s Funk Group

Insurance brokers Lockton and Germany’s Funk Group announced that they will expand their risk management service alliance. “Through the alliance, Funk will provide risk management support for Lockton clients in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and some Eastern European countries,” said the bulletin. “Lockton will provide risk management advisory services for Funk clients in various countries around the world.”

The agreement extends a 15-year relationship on client service, providing mutual clients with risk management consulting, insurance brokerage, and loss prevention services.

“The Funk Group has provided selected Lockton clients with outstanding service, and we look forward to expanding our relationship”, stated John Lumelleau, President and CEO of Lockton, Inc. “They have always been a valuable member of our global service structure and share our commitment to risk management innovation and customized service.”

“The expanding alliance with Lockton allows both of our organizations to support the risk management needs of mutual clients,” explained Yorck Hillegaart, Executive Board Member of Funk Group. “We have always had a good match of corporate culture, client portfolio, and client service approach.”

Source: Lockton