Marsh Launches Global Mining Practice

Marsh has announced the formation of a new “Global Mining Practice,” which it said “harnesses all of its mining expertise, experience, and relationships around the world.”

The move comes as “mining organizations pursue growth opportunities outside their home countries.” As a result Marsh explained that they “are challenged by a number of new and emerging exposures.”

Andrew Chester, head of Marsh’s UK-based international insurance placement operations, has been named to the additional post of Chairman of the new practice. He is based in London and has more than 20 years experience in the international mining and heavy industrial insurance industries.

Chester “will be responsible for delivering Marsh’s risk advisory and insurance placement strategies to mining clients on a consistent and global basis,” said the bulletin.

He stated: “Our mining clients are increasingly becoming more global and as a result must address a host of new and emerging risks. Whether it’s challenges associated with flooding, political instability or compliance with local regulations.

“Marsh, under a single-practice approach, will be in a better position to provide global mining companies seamless advisory and transactional services to help meet their increasingly complex needs,” he added.

Source: Marsh