Mayes Joins ANV to Lead New Technology E&O and Intangible Risk Team

Netherlands-based ANV Holdings BV announced that Phil Mayes will lead its new Technology E&O and Intangible Risk Underwriting team. He will be responsible for “building and running the new division which will include recruiting additional underwriters and claims support for the team that has specific and proven experience and expertise in these new and emerging areas of risk,” said the announcement.

“His work will focus not only on ANV’s Lloyd’s Syndicate 1861, but also across the larger ANV Group as an added dimension for ANV’s underwriting across all lines of business with technology considerations.”

Prior to joining ANV, Mayes held senior executive underwriting positions in Digital and Privacy risks for Lockton, Zurich, CNA and St Paul.

R. Matthew Fairfield, Founder and CEO of ANV, commented: “Digital technology plays an essential and irrevocable role in our personal and professional lives. Delivering on the ANV promise of managing global risk, mandates proven digital expertise and deep understanding within our underwriting team. Digital Risks and Privacy are extremely interesting areas of the market both for their potential for returns as well as the unique challenge they represent to mitigate risk effectively.”

Gerard van Loon Chief Underwriting Officer of ANV Group noted that Mayes has “more than two decades of underwriting experience specializing in Technology E&O and Intangible Risk,” and would bring “not only the technical skill but also the understanding required to price risks and see opportunities that others may not.”

Source: ANV Group