Ironshore Canada Enters Commercial Property Market for Sector Specific Risks

Bermuda-based Ironshore Canada has announced its entry into the Commercial Property Market with capacity that enhances its existing suite of specialty products available in the Canadian region.

“Ironshore Canada has licensed approvals to provide property coverage products to select, specialty sectors in every Canadian province, except Quebec,” said the announcement. “Commercial Property insurance products are now available for General Commercial Property, Energy Property, and Builder’s Risk Property with capacity limits ranging from $25 million up to $45 million, based on each respective client’s coverage needs.”

, Ironshore Canada’s Chief Agent Stephen Stewart noted the expansion had been carried out due to increasing “client and broker demand throughout the region; adding that the “newly established capacity for property risks complements distribution capabilities and reinforces Ironshore’s commitment to the Canadian marketplace.”

Ironshore Canada’s General Commercial Property offers coverages for limits of up to $45 million on a Primary, Quota Share, Excess of Loss or Full Value basis, with a product focus on Property and Business Interruption exposures and catastrophic risks, including Earthquake (British Columbia), Flood and Named Windstorm.

Energy Property provides coverage for property damage, machinery breakdown, and business interruption across virtually all classes within the specialty sector, including refining and power, such as renewable energy, surface and underground mining, and pipelines among others. Policy capacity limits are available of up to $25 million.

Ironshore Canada’s Builder’s Risk Property team underwrites the construction of civil engineering projects, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, and buildings, as well as mechanical engineering risks for oil and petrochemical facilities, utilities and heavy manufacturing plants. Builder’s Risk Property products provide property risk transfer coverages for global and Canadian corporations with international and domestic capabilities for limits of up to $35 million.

Ironshore established its Canadian operation in 2010. It offers coverage through a suite of insurance products underwritten for Financial and Professional Lines, Mergers & Acquisitions, Casualty, Environmental, Specialty Property, Political Risk, Structured Trade Credit, Fine Arts, and War & Terrorism.

Source: Ironshore