Smart Meters Pose New Risks for Energy Industry

By Christoph Steitz and Harro Ten Wolde | July 18, 2014

  • June 26, 2015 at 1:15 pm
    jus chris says:
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    The UN-truth used to dupe the Public that Specialized Military Advanced Receiver Transmitter SMART Meters allegedly: ‘Save Power” are ludicrous unsupported False Narratives. The Truth is a device that CON-sume Electricity to Radio Transmit “Warrantless Evidence,” RE-labeled as ‘Data’ to Be Used In Future Earth N.W.O. Pro se Criminal Executions. The Most Understated Hidden True EXTREME HAZARD emanates form ILL-or UN-trained quasi NO-electrical amateurs; Install Ignorantly devoid of Knowing the critical Pro per Techniques to possibly install the alleged New Militant Intel aggregating Device posed as: NEW ‘IM-proved” “Energy Saving” ‘SMART’ Tech-NO-crazy Technology weapon/devices. When Thermos-dynamic effects via continuous 24-7/365 extreme environmental Cold Heat Dust Salt or other deleterious effects cause Metal Clips to take a Temp or Amperage induced ‘set’ / memory is”DANGEROUSLY DISTURBED by RIPPING OUT the Meter from the Socket Clips likely welded in mechanically sound electrical connection; is the Hastily to allow per-meter Replaced UN-just enhanced Pay$; precipitates RE-Inserted without even applying an Sane Industry approved electron-conductive Compounds, (DE-OX-NO-Lox…) with Lubrous properties, aid in Replacement with deminimus hazards; The very Likely DIS-disturbing the Former Reliable secure safe Electric CONNECTIONS and thereby Spreading the Damaged, NOT Natural original Tight Spring tensioned designed in Mechanical Firm NOW SPREAD to NOT secure nor pro semi-connected which precisely causes as Deviced: ARCing SpARC’ing Burning, High Current inducing, escalating Voltages or Transformed Up, Back Fed throughout The Home-Private Abode’s Electrical System potentially-voltage Damaging EX-ploding-Burning and DIS-ABlE-ing and Killing those perhaps trapped withIN by being Forced to have Militant Dangerous NOT U.L. Approved or event 3rd party pier reviewed Fed Rules of Evidence 702 Testamentary Proof. Politically Assassinate for Whistle Blowing I B E W 357 , J.W. Electrical Professional with bona fide 1st party competent knowledge to which i Notoriously Proclaim and State above.

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