UK-Based MGAA Exceeds 100 Members With Century Underwriting

The Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA), the UK-based organization dedicated to representing true MGAs, has exceeded the 100 member mark following the addition of commercial lines specialist Century Underwriting.

Following a raft of recent applications the total number of full MGA members now stands at 101, which collectively represent over £3.5 billion [$5.5 billion] of underwriting capacity.

Advantage Underwriting, Direct Commercial, Portus Underwriting, Resolution Underwriting Partnership and Signature Underwriting also have joined recently as full MGA members, enabling the MGAA to represent the views of a significant proportion of the UK market.

Peter Staddon, managing director of the MGAA, said: “Exceeding the 100 member mark is clear evidence that MGAs spread across the UK have given the MGAA a mandate to represent and campaign on behalf of this fast growing and important insurance sector.

“By working closely with the regulators and industry bodies over the past three years we have delivered a far better understanding of what MGAs actually are, how they operate and the contribution they make. This process is, however, continual and must constantly evolve to ensure our members’ voices are clearly heard when policies are created and key decisions made that could impact their businesses.”

Guy Fraser, managing director of Century Underwriting said: “UK MGAs need a strong, united voice and the MGAA delivers exactly that. While only three years old, its board and committees have already opened meaningful dialogues with our regulators that will help the sector to shape its own destiny. We are delighted to join and look forward to contributing to these important initiatives.”

The MGAA was launched in September 2011 and is a UK-based, not-for-profit organization.