AIR Worldwide Introduces Earthquake Model for India

The model’s seismicity analysis covers areas with seismic activity that may affect India, including the countries of Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, AIR said, noting that the model assesses damage and loss only for locations within the boundaries of India.

The model also includes a liquefaction module covering the major exposure concentrations of New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

AIR said the model’s damage functions were developed using nonlinear dynamic analysis and component-level fragility curves. The methodology, which estimates a building’s structural response to various simulated ground motion intensities, incorporates the latest research on the stiffness and stress-strain characteristics of buildings of different construction classes, heights and code levels.

AIR also updated the Industry Exposure Database for India, which includes the newly formed state of Telangana and densely populated areas of India.

The model is currently available in the CATRADER Version 18 and Touchstone 4.0 catastrophe risk management systems.

Source: AIR Worldwide

This article first appeared in Insurance Journal’s sister publication, Carrier Management.