U.S. Tornadoes, Hail and Winds Reach Highest Levels Since 2011: Aon Report

The U.S. dealt with close to 4,400 reports of tornadoes, hail and straight-line winds in May, the most since 2011, according to weather data cited by Aon’s monthly Global Catastrophe Recap report.

According to the report, the weather situation involved no fewer than seven outbreaks of severe convective storms across central and eastern parts of the United States.

Tornadoes also made a significant impact, with more than 362 hitting the U.S. during May. That’s the highest since 2015, when 381 tornado events hit during the month.

“Historically, May has been the most active month for tornadoes in the United States and 2019 was no exception, with the highest May tally since 2015,” Steve Bowen, director and meteorologist within Aon’s Impact Forecasting team, said in prepared remarks. “A persistent weather pattern led to several multi-day outbreaks of severe weather that resulted in tornadoes, large hail, damaging straight-line winds, and record-breaking rainfall which had a considerable impact on property and the agricultural sector.”

Bowen said that severe convective storms have led to at least $10 billion in U.S. insurance payouts annually since 2008, adding that it is likely to happen again in 2019.

Other major global weather events during May included:

Source: Aon’s Impact Forecasting

A version of this article first appeared in Insurance Journal’s sister publication, Carrier Management.