Brokerslink Network Appoints Ghazaleh as Middle East Regional Manager

Global broking business Brokerslink announced the appointment of Osama Abu Ghazaleh as Middle East regional manager.

The region now has a dedicated representative committed to promoting the growth and development of its independent brokers located there, said Zug, Switzerland-based Brokerslink, which is a broking company that owns and manages a global insurance broking network.

Ghazaleh, general manager and executive vice president at ACE Insurance Brokers, will be responsible for supporting independent brokers in the Middle East, facilitating greater communication and collaboration between Brokerslink’s representatives both within the region, and with the wider global network. ACE is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Ghazaleh will continue to establish Brokerslink’s presence and strength, promoting the wide range of services and resources available.

Prior to this appointment, both the Middle East and African regions were represented by Tiago Mora. However, Brokerslink Chairman José Manuel Fonseca explained that at this stage in the business network’s development, it is important to separate these areas.

“The Middle East and Africa are two large and diverse regions with very different economies, markets and cultures. As we continue to strengthen our presence in both territories, we recognize the importance of refocusing our regional structure to ensure that our partners and affiliates can benefit from a dedicated strategy and focus,” said Fonseca.

“I’m keen to bring a strategic focus to the Middle East. The region has its own unique challenges and opportunities and we are seeing increased efforts to diversify the economies of the region with a focus on sustainability, development and growth,” Ghazaleh said, noting that his company is well positioned to play a key role in supporting Brokerslink’s regional development.

Ghazaleh’s appointment completes Brokerslink’s regional team, joining Ariel Couto (Americas), Christos Gavriel (Europe), Sid Garcia (Asia-Pac) and Tiago Mora (Africa).

Source: Brokerslink