Allianz Australia Taps Laybutt from Deloitte as Chief Risk Officer, Succeeding Callahan

March 30, 2020

  • June 3, 2020 at 7:11 am
    Shane M says:
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    MKane v WBC [2018] NSWWCC 67 (13 March 2018):
    WBC employee has been awarded compensation after the Workers Compensation Commission found the employee was bullied and pressured by employer Tara Laybutt into taking a part-time role.
    It was argued that the employer bullied and caused the employee Kane to suffer psychological injury. WBC did not deny that Kane suffered psychological injury based on evidences given by psychologists.
    The commission noted there was confusion as to why Kane was being asked to consider moving into a part-time role. It was also noted that other senior colleagues never saw Kane’s performance in the finance manager’s role as deficient and that they believed that attacks on performance were a means to put pressure on the employee to accept the part-time role due to age.
    The commission found WBC was not able to rely on the s 11A defence.
    The commission stated: “I am not satisfied that the manner in which Tara Laybutt conducted her managerial duties and process were fair or reasonable to such an employee.”

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