Kansas Insurance Department Issues Alert on Potential Auto Insurance Scam

Kansas Commissioner of Insurance Ken Selzer has issued a warning about a potential auto insurance telephone scam.

According to information from insurance officials, the caller uses the following introduction: “Hi this is Abigail and I’m with the consumer insurance association and I’m calling about your car insurance payments. How are you doing today?” The phone number that shows on Caller ID is (216) 810-1881.

Consumers are urged to block that number and not answer the call.

“It is highly unlikely that an insurance company would call about a payment,” Selzer said in the insurance department’s. “Normally they will send out your statement and, if payment is not received, a followup notice. Your agent might be notified, but the company is not going to call to demand payment over the phone.”

Consumers who encounter this phone situation should call the Kansas Attorney General’s Office or talk to a Kansas Insurance Department consumer representative by calling 800-432-2484, Commissioner Selzer said.

Source: Kansas Insurance Department